Relationship Tips: Addressing a break-up and moving on

Relationships are hard work, but break-ups can be even harder. Regardless of whether you are the “dumper” or the “dumped”, there is still going to be some emotional reprocussions you have to deal with. You can guarentee that someone will say: “Don’t worry, there are plenty more fish in the sea”.

But the other fish just don’t seem to be as appealing as the one that got away.

Many people of different ages, genders and sexual orientations have their own ways of getting through a particularly bad break-up. Chocolate, crying and duvet days are all particularly helpful (even if they are a bit “Bridget Jones-ish”).

For the lucky few, some break-ups can turn out to be a blessing in diguise. For example, some people will be able to stay close firends with an ex-partner, and still maintain the persona that nothing has happened.

Trust me; this is one of the best things that can come out of a split. You know the person so well that you don’t have to go through the “awkward stage” of ignoring each other in a packed room of friends.

When asked how he would react to being dumped, 19-year-old student, Danny O’keeffe said that he would try and sort out why he and his partner had broken up, and if there was nothing he could do, then he would move on with his life.

“There’s no point hanging onto the past if you can’t be blamed for what has happened is there?” he explained. “I would try and stay mates with them, but to be honest, you can’t move on if you are still looking for answers.”


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