JLS Condoms

JLS launch personalised condoms

Popular British boy band have launched their own range of multicoloured condoms in a bout to promote safe sex. Each condom pack has a particular member of the band on the front and the lads have already made bets on whose will sell the fastest.

At current Britain holds the highest number of teenagers pregnant or affected by a sexually transmitted disease in Europe. In previous years government strategies and campaigns to curve the trend have failed. To add to this, the government advertising budget for sex education was frozen earlier this year. The young stars have stepped in to try to make a difference.

JLS member Marvin Humes today said:

“If we can change one person’s outlook on sexual health in this country then we will have succeeded. Hopefully we will have changed thousands of people’s outlook.”

The ‘Beat Again’ boys hope to put their popularity to good use by promoting the idea that having fun and being safe is cooler than having fun and being at major risk.

Fellow band member Ortise added:

For us we’re in positions of power and we can influence a generation of young people and therefore we are trying to use our position in the right way. We recognise we have a responsibility.”

Some critics and sexual disease experts have suggested that simply trying to advertise safe sex will not do as their needs to be a change in culture.

What do you think will the JLS boys make a difference?

(Whatever the outcome, stay safe folks)

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