Mark Ronson’s Fear Of Being Forgotten In Music

Mark Ronson fears being forgotten before he is to quit the stage

The ‘Bang Bang Bang’ hitmaker – who worked on the track with The Business Intl and Q-tip – says that he is nearing the time when he should be calling it quits on performing on stage.

The producer/musician and now singer said:

“I do try to focus on the music and not get caught up in all the other s**t, but… Well, I’m 35. I’m probably in the last five years of performing onstage.

“That’s the ideal. To do well enough that you just don’t worry about dipping out of the game for a year and having everyone forget you.”

Ronson has also confessed that he still gets pre-stage jitters adding:

“I get nervous before I go on stage because I’m not a born performer. I only started playing guitar three years ago and I only started singing, like, yesterday. I do think I throw obstacles in my own path, and ratchet up the neurosis that way. But there are worse problems to have, I think.”

The star – who also recently got in to a slight quarrel with Amy Winehouse on Twitter over accepting full credit for the Back To Black album he produced for the singer – was most recently on stage and on telly with The Business Intl for T4 and Orange’s Rock Corpse which encourages young people to volunteer in community lead projects along with stars in return for tickets to watch their favourite acts at the Rock Corpse concert. As well as Mark Ronson, acts such as Plan B, Taio Cruz and N-Dubz performed to hundreds of volunteers at The Royal Albert Hall last weekend.

He looked pretty confident throughout his performance to us! What do you think? Does Ronson have longevity?

(You have nothing to worry about Ronson, the hits will come, just keep performing for good causes!)

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