Christmas is cancelled

Due to unruly weather conditions Christmas could be cancelled

It looks like Christmas might have to be put on hold this year as once again bitter winds and heavy snowfall is expected leaving travel conditions treacherous.

Forecasters have reported that as of next week we can expect a complete white-out, with Arctic conditions staying until well after the 25th.

The snow, which is supposedly going to be the heaviest we have seen since the sixties, will incapacitate the roads and experts have warned drivers to avoid travelling in the run-up to Christmas.

Millions of people travel up and down Britain during the Christmas period to visit family and friends, as well as to pick up last minute presents and food. This year, however, it looks like many people will have to postpone the festivities.

AA spokesman, Gavin Hill-Smith said: “If it is really treacherous then people may well have to delay travelling and have their Christmas the following week. Safety comes first.”

Further transport disruptions could mean that gifts sent via the internet/post might not be delivered in time for the big day and shops may run low on all the Christmas dinner essentials.

Just as the snow is melting and the trains are going back to normal service- forecasters have predicted a brief return of Jack Frost. Apparently six inches of snow could fall next week, with temperatures dropping to as low as -20C in Scotland and up North.

However, the good news is- there is a strong possibility of a white Christmas. Every cloud…silver lining and all that.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited for a white Christmas or worried that you won’t be able to get to your families?

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