NXG Records Internship – Work Opportunity

NXG Records Internship

Duration: 6 Weeks minimum

Salary: voluntary

About The Job

We are currently accepting applications for three internships starting in, April and May 2013 These dates are somewhat flexible. We run continuous internship placements, so if you are interested in a placement later in the year we are also willing to accept early applications now.

Broadly speaking, our requirements are (although we maintain flexibility depending on the candidate’s availability and requirements):

* Candidates should ideally be available at least 15 hours per week.
* Placements should ideally last a minimum of six weeks.

The objective of our internships are twofold: the intern gets some valuable experience working at a independent label office (perhaps contributing to their CV or assisting them in determining what sort of career they would like to pursue) and the opportunity to get a job with NXG Records
The type of work an intern can expect to do:

* Assisting our PR team with mailouts and follow-ups.
* Managing databases
* Preparation of newsletters and content for our web site.
* Preparation of sales and PR literature (one sheets, biographies, press releases).
* Attending gigs and liaising with bands, helping run merch stalls etc.
* Distributing posters and flyers at local record stores, venues etc.

The above list is a guideline only. Responsibilities will be discussed in greater detail prior to an Intern being accepted.

We are not able to provide any financial support to interns other than a travel supplement. You will need to find alternative methods of financing your living expenses.

If you are interested in applying for an internship, please email a CV and cover letter to john@nxgproject.co.uk


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