Alexandra Burke Wants To Have Attitude Like Beyonce and Rihanna

X Factor winner 2008, Alexandra Burke was told by her directors to portray more ‘attitude’ in her new video for song – Elephant.

Keen to look sexy like never before in her new music video, Alexandra spent most of her time taking inspiration from RnB sensations Rihanna and Beyonce and says, “Their videos have got that swag”.

One video that inspired her most was Rihanna’s attitude-laden video, Wait Your Turn that features a very fierce Rihanna.

Alexandra explained that she wanted to make a comeback with an up-tempo song that someone can relate to. Elephant is a song about being strong and telling a guy to “get lost”.  It is one of her best songs and one of Alexandra’s favorites off her new album.

Check out the all-new sexy Alexandra Burke here:



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