‘Four Rooms’ Review (Recommended by Alan Sugar)

Alan Sugar posted on his Twitter (@Lord_Sugar) recommending his followers to tune into Four Rooms on Channel 4, yesterday 4th April.

Four Rooms is a dealing and trading show, which features straight-talking expert dealers and people with something of value to sell to them. They go through a course of negotiations in hope to reach and secure a deal they are both happy at. There are four rooms that the seller can enter in consequtive order, each with a different dealer where negotiations get heated! The concept is slightly edgier in structure than just a straight forward yes/no trade as seen in many trading shows.

I would rate this show as business comedy/antique investment. It may sound mundane to some people, but for those with interest in those areas, it is great entertainment! As the following article suggests “…try to imagine Antiques Roadshow and Dragon’s Den blended into a smooth cocktail” – team that up with Mr Sugar’s approval – I’m sure you’ll be tempted to tune into next week’s show on Wednesday at 8pm!

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