Jessie J Experiences Soaring Chart Success

Jessie J has experienced massive chart success since her appearance and role on The Voice UK. Sales of her records have soared through the charts earning her 6 top 10 singles from just one album (“Who You Are”).

The Pricetag singer, said on Twitter,

“I think I’m still in shock that I’m the first UK British Female to have ten singles from one album!! Woah!!”

Well done Jessie! The world must be loving you on The Voice. But she has also experienced controversy in her decision to keep Ruth-Ann over YouTube sensation, Ben Kelly.

In her response she said:

“I am extremely proud of my final 10 artists on @BBCTheVoiceUK &I wish I could have taken more than 5 through to lives.I do not edit the show remember that & my decisions cannot reflect the opinion of everyone watching.I simply have to go with my heart&im;aware not everyone will agree. But I have spent a lot more time with all of them getting to know them& hearing them sing than the viewer gets to see.They will all do well. Whether they are in the live shows or not :) ”

Tune in this Saturday as the battle for an amazing vocal artist commences!

Click to watch Jessie J’s new track, Laserlight:



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