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I’ve always been one who tried to eat healthily, but struggled in the area of active fitness. In terms of personal hindrance, there were not any medical or physical attributes that I suffered that stopped me from doing them, but my mental state… In simpler terms, I was lazy.

Come the New Year 2012, like every year, I had a long thinking session of what I wanted to pursue in 2012. In regards to fitness, I made a pact to myself to run the treadmill for some time, every day. One side of me said, “Really? Everyday? What was the issue? I was not over-weight and I hardly exercised much in the past. Do I even know how to exercise?”

So, the same excuses every year – but this year felt different. To fight the devil on my left shoulder, I wanted to keep my pact, not so much for weight-loss but to keep active, and keep that heart of mine, as healthy as can be. What motivates me was I read somewhere that people who exercised every day, lived longer than those that did not and hey, I don’t know about you, but I want to live longer. I have grand plans for my life. I want to invest in some assets and grow older and older whist experiencing the luxuries life has to offer. My energy has to go for as long as possible in order for me to create this life and then to enjoy it to it’s fullest. Besides, who doesn’t want a longer, healthier life? Well, one answer is keeping fit!

I took a huge leap when I signed up for Race For Life 2012. I wasn’t sure if many people would sponsor or whether my unfitness will hinder my ability, but I definitely wanted to give it a go. I’ve always wanted to do something for charity. So, as well as providing me a sense of accomplishment, it is exercise!  I have so far raised over £200 – way above my target. So, I was wrong, people do have a good heart, are generous and do sponsor.

If you are interested in joining the Race For Life this year, click the link below and follow the instructions on the site. If you are a person who would like to do something for charity and can run, this is the perfect opportunity. You will have a choice to do 5k or 10k, the event locations and weekdays or weekends depending on what date you choose to do the run. Lets all give to Cancer Research UK and help to raise funds for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

I might just have to upgrade the speed and longevity of my runs on the treadmill now :)

Join Race For Life 2012 here

Words by Christine Luong

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