N-Dubz Twitter Feud!

Band mates and cousins Tulisa and Dappy exchanged harsh words on Twitter, in front of millions of their fans and followers.

Tulisa accused Dappy of lying to their fans by announcing that Ndubs have split. Prior to this, Dappy left the group for a period of time to focus on his solo career.

Tulisa, hurt by this, is also even more hurt that he has not tried to contact her. She claims when he left, he has since changed his phone number and has not told her or tried to get in contact. Tulisa claims to have tried to contact Dappy through her dad but recieved no response.

Furthermore, in an interview, Dappy said that he misses his bandmate, Tulisa. Tulisa doubts this because of his lack of effort to contact her and his unloyalty to their fans by making a false, bold and unnecessary statement.

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