Nicki Minaj Tones it Down For the Kids

Nicki Minaj mentioned that she is surprised that children really young, aspire to her and her music. As her fan base grows, she is experiencing that some changes need to be done, lyric and image-wise to be appropriate for all or most of her increasingly diverse fans.

She says, “I’ve always been kind of racy… I respect children so much. I don’t want them to go around cursing and acting crazy.”

Nicki Minaj has to be careful about how much of her essence we are all so used to, and love her for, to retain her appeal and to her fan base. A balance act and sounds like a tough one!

Watch this video to see two girls, Sophia Grace and Rose, aged 8 and 5, who are Nick Minaj fans. Are there many more young children that aspire to her so much?

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