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The long awaited Titanic 3D is currently out in cinema since its release date on April 6th 2012. James Cameron, the director of Avator made a decision to turn the classic on-screen love story into an epic 3D masterpiece… And a masterpiece it was, according to many review sites out there. Read on more to help you if you haven’t yet decided whether its worth the effort to watch this movie a first or second time for most of you.

The original Titanic was, on a huge scale, visually graphic. The film, as well as the ill-fated events, is centered on melodramatic romance spurred by unrequited love. With its heavy reliability on spectacle, its promise to make the quality, already high, to be visually enhanced to its maximum in 3D – seems ambitious albeit very promising.

In the various reviews written about Titanic 3D, some have branded the film’s result to be a ‘noticeably sharp picture’. Furthermore, ScreenRant.com tells us more about the visuals, from subtlety to the latter half of the movie:

“The Southampton Port scene is […] very natural and immersive. Even in non-action scenes, where the camera might merely pan around a dinner table, the extravagant sets, costumes, and depth of field make even the most familiar moments fresh and captivating […] Calm 3D shots of passengers strolling on the deck or engineers monitoring the enormous cylinders in the engine room offer plenty of immersive visuals; however, unsurprisingly, the effects really take hold in the Titanic’s latter half – as the character drama shifts into an epic disaster film.”

As Kate Winslet and Leoardo Dicaprio take to our screens again, memories from 1997 (the original movie release date) flush back some emotional reminiscences of our first viewing of Titanic. The reviews from people (not critics, or maybe some out there) who have viewed this for the second-plus time(s), claimed that the film set off some tears again – I’d suggest you sentiments out there to bring some tissue with you! It’s amazing how watching the movie more than once still ticks of the same emotional mawkishness. That is one of the greatest assets the Titanic has – the ability to grip you emotionally, every time.

As well as its historical value of a tragic disaster that lost thousands (and the number is still not set in stone), it is a love story – a classic one, entrenched in forbidden love of two people from two classes, two lifestyles and two wholly different lives.

So clearly from this review, ofcourse I’m going to give you my word and recommend it. Get your 3D shades on and experience this masterpiece of a film! 3D style!

Check out the captivating trailer here:

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