“The late Camden queen might be preforming as a hologram”!


The late Camden queen Amy Winehouse would be the next latest singer to be resurrected in a shape of a hologram. Her father Mitch Winehouse did say that he will like to see his daughter preform for the last time.

So far this year, we have seen an exclustive Tupac Shakur concert at the Coachella festival, it has been talked about in the music industry that several late music stars may appesr back on stage as a hologram. We don’t know who, thought!

Having to see Amy Winehouse again, will mean a lot to her fans and her family. Mitch Winehouse just wants to keep his dauguter musical talent alive and noticed.

He tells The Sun: “The most important thing to Amy was the music and I’m sure a lot of people would like to hear her sing again. It depends on what Amy’s fans want as a way to keep her memory alive. If it’s a book, an album or a hologram, then so be it.”

Words By: Vanessa Felix

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