X-Factor Judge Gary Barlow Storms Off Show

Did you hear about how Gary Barlow stormed off the X Factor last night? Well in a nutshell what happened was that Louis Walsh changed his vote meaning that Carolynne Poole left the competition.

Angry viewers then took to Twitter where #FixFactor started trending after the Executive Producer was seen whispering in Louis’ ear during Carolynne’s performance!  Here’s a pic of the Executive Producer whispering. Have a look at the bottom right:

After finding herself in the bottom two with controversial contestant Rylan Clark, Carolynne Poole had looked set to survive with two votes to one in her favour. Louis Walsh was pushed for a decision and he said: “I’m going to go with Carolynne, I’m going to save Carolynne.”  Carolynne’s excitement was unfortunately short lived when Louis suddenly changed his mind. Louis told Dermot: “I want to take it to deadlock.” Dermot then revealed that Carolynne had polled the least votes and was therefore out of the competition leading to Gary storming off stage.

Sounds a little bit fishy to me..

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