Rihanna’s 777 Tour

Earlier this month Rihanna announced plans for her “777 Tour”where she was to visit seven different cities in just seven days.

This all lead up  to the release of her seventh studio album ‘Unapologetic’, Rihanna visited

1. Mexico City


3. Stockholm

4. Paris

5. Berlin

6. London (yay!)

7. and finally New York

Although there was a large amount of negativity, the fans stood by her! Yes of course the tour was an ambitious idea and has come to the media‘s attention that Rihanna had repeatedly been late to shows and flights as well as delaying journey times for the fans and journalists she invited to travel the globe with her and those who were invited on the tour have complained that they have barely encountered the 24-year-old international superstar.

With such high expectations, could this go down in history as the tour that fell apart or the unique 7 day tour, in 7 different countries following her 7th album?

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