Soulja Boy Reveals New Gucci Face Tattoo

Soulja Boy in the Club

Well after last weekend’s BET Hip Hop Awards, rapper Soulja Boy and his girlfriend Diamond headed to an after-party where the two posed for a photo. The image shows Soulja Boy not only holding two big bottles of Ace of Spades but also revealing a Gucci logo tattoo that he had inscribed on his face, between his eyebrows. We hope this is not permanent, and is some kind of sick joke, but as you can see from his friend on the right, he too likes tattooing his face. What do you think about his latest ink?

A close up of Soulja Boy

Here’s another picture that shows the tattoo, as you can see he has tattoo other parts of his face as well which immediately eradicates any doubt that the tattoo is not real. But wait – it looks like he’s not the only one that likes tattooing his face, and it also looks like he’s not the only one that really likes Gucci.


Is there an explanation for this?

Let’s hope this craze/trend stays in America and doesn’t filter through to the UK. The last thing we all want to see is young people trying to get jobs and they’re being turned away because they have Adidas and Nike tattooed across their chin. Remember tattoos are permanent and the removal of them is very costly and damages your skin. Think very carefully before you get a tattoo and if you do decide to get one make sure it can be covered when and as needed.

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