Biggie Smalls Death Report Accidentally Released

Los Angeles police have had to apologise to the family of the rapper Notorious B.I.G who was murdered 15 years ago, after releasing a report about his death without telling them. The police blamed “an administrative error” for the failure to tell the family of B.I.G otherwise known as Biggie Smalls or his government name Christopher Wallace. Notorious B.I.G died in a drive-by shooting after leaving a music industry event in Los Angeles in 1997 and the case until this day remains unsolved. The murder is thought to have been part of a feud between rival record labels but there is a lot of mystery and speculation about what really happened and why. We have the alleged last interview of B.I.G the day before his death where he discusses how the music game was supposed to be fun and unfortunately it wasn’t. Check it out below:

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