Tulisa’s Poor Album Sales

It seems like Tulisa really will need us to forgive her for what she has done as her album sold an extremely low amount of sales. Monday 3rd December marked the release of Tulisa Contostavlos’ debut solo album The Female Boss. The album was over a year in the making, but in the first two days of it’s release the sales were as low as 7,000 copies. Tulisa has openly said that she isn’t interested in having a number one album; it’s the overall sales which are her focus – which is probably for the best given that The Female Boss is currently charting at Number 17 and looks set to drop outside of the Top 20 next week.  So what went wrong? Are people still buying albums? Or are they now just buying singles? Or are people just not buying music at all? The reasons are debatable, but hey let’s go easy on her. She has had a hectic year, from leaked sex-tapes, to drunken twitter rants, as well as the pressure from series 9 of the X-Factor, and now poor album sales. Doesn’t really sound like the day-to-day activites of a “Female Boss” but we won’t judge.

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